Time Attendance and Access Control System

Time Attendance and Access Control System

 In current scenario where security requirements are becoming stringent, we provide different access control and Identification systems to meet modern security needs. Since all access control decisions are made at the controller level, the system is not dependant on the host PC for normal operation. It provides seamless integration with conventional proximity, Mifare, HID and biometric readers. The controller provides a range of additional features such as anti-passback, and access time zones.

Key Features:


  • Door Configuration from Standalone to Multi-door applications.
  • User Friendly software with detailed attendance features available for LAN as well as Web-Enabled applications.
  • External Battery backup power supply for adverse power conditions.
  • Advanced access control features like Anti-passback, Facility Code, and Time Zones.
  • Highly secured, very convenient and reliable at a competitive price.
  • Expiry date can be stored on the controller for contract employees for vender using the premises for limited time frame.
  • Rugged, Reliable and Secured system which invites low cost of maintence or running.










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