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Epicentre Billing System (EBS) provides an easy-to-use administration system for many routers and concentrators (Mikrotik Routers, Dialup systems, Cisco, StarOS,  Wireless Acces Points, etc…). With a help of the centralized accounting system (which is provided by a RADIUS server) the user management for ISP’s becomes a simple task.

These  NAS connect to the Radius server (links can be wireless or ethernet). The following tasks are automated with the help of this structure:

  • login authentication: authenticates users from the centralized database. Two types of authentication is provided: MAC and username/password.
  • traffic accounting: AP periodically sends the accounting information to Radius server which stores it in its database.
  • traffic limiting: when a predefined traffic limit is reached (which is configurable for every user), AP disconnects the user.
  • uptime and expiration date limitation: Mikrotik will automatically disconnect expired accounts on a specified date or after a specified uptime.
  • dialup support: with uptime limitation it is possible to use in a dialup systems.
  • tracking of payments: user’s and system managers can track the payments and make reports.


Epicentre Billing System key features

  • The most affordable, user friendly RADIUS billing solution
  • Web based Adminstration Control Panel and User Control Panel
  • Support many resellers
  • Available in 15 languages
  • Support for prepaid, postpaid, mac-only and prepaid card accounts
  • Integrated prepaid card generator
  • Accept payments online with PayPal (CC processing and PayPal Express checkout)
  • Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS, ChilliSpot, WIFI Access Points, Chillispot, DD-WRT NAS support
  • Instant access services (purchase coupons online)
  • Self registering of users, fully automatized system
  • User authentication (PPPoE, Hotspot, PPtP and L2tP) and traffic accounting
  • Data rate limitation for PPP and Hotspot users, auto disconnecting users upon reaching their limits
  • Notification by Mail, SMS
  • Burst mode support with priorities
  • UNIX account synchronization (mailboxes), setup disk quotas in one step
  • Connection Tracking System (logging the source / destination ip and port, user name, time, protocol)
  • Complete financial accounting module, fully customizable invoice form
  • Full multilingual support (UTF-8), customizable design and language


Product description

  1. Overview

Epicentre Billing System is a easy to use administration system for Mikrotik (PPP and Hotspot), Cisco, StarOS and Chillispot NASes. It provides centralized authentication and accounting functions. Main features are:

  • User authentication
  • Traffic accounting
  • Billing

Additional features are:

  • Account expiry control
  • Uptime limitation
  • Traffic limitation


  1. Basic network topologies




One of the basic topologies is shown on the picture above. Many Wireless ISP use Mikrotik device as PPP / Hotspot server. The central system consists of the following components:

  1. Mikrotik PPP / Hotspot server: It handles Hotspot and PPP sessions, sends authentication requests and accounting information to Linux Epicentre Billing  server. Mikrotik host has at least two interfaces: WAN for connecting to the Internet and LAN for connecting the clients.
  2. Linux server: This server hosts Epicentre Billing System application, MySql database server, web server and optionally an email server. A static route is required between Mikrotik and Linux host due to the naturity of RADIUS UDP communication. The easiest method of IP organizing is if the both hosts are located in a same subnet.

Epicentre Billing System uses a web interface for administering the users and the whole system (traffic accounting, tracking of online users, display statistics etc.). It is OS independent and accessible with any Javascript enabled browser.

  1. Hotspot login with Instant Access Services (IAS)

With Instant Access Services users can purchase Internet access credits online. The system uses PayPal payment gateway to accept PayPal balance and Credit Card payments.

When Epicentre Billing System is configured to accept IAS online payments, users can see a similar login screen like the following picture:












Purchase an Instant Access Service (without registration)Unauthorized users can do the following tasks directly from the login screen:

  • Register a new account
  • Access the User Control Panel (UCP)

When a user selects an Instant Access Service, the system will redirect him to the payment page where he can purchase credits using Credit Card or PayPal balance payment method. If the transaction was successful, Epicentre Billing System  will display a 16 digit code which will be used as username for Hotspot login.

Registering of new users can also be done directly from the Hotspot login page. When a user clicks on the “Register an account” link, he will be redirected to the registration screen. All regular data fields have to be filled out: desired user name, full name, address etc.

Accessing the User Control Panel (UCP) is easy via the direct link on the Hotspot login page.


  1. Purchase credits online (PayPal)

Epicentre Billing System  accepts online payments via PayPal gateway (PayPal balance and Credit Card method) for both unregistered (IAS) and regular (registered) users. Credit card payments (with PayPal) can be accepted for US merchant accounts only (PayPal limitation).


  1. Connection Tracking System (CTS)

Connection Tracking System (CTS) is a great feature of Epicentre Billing System: with the help of it the administrators can track the authenticated clients IP connections (TCP, UDP). The system stores the following data:

  • User name
  • Date and time
  • Source IP and port
  • Destination IP and port
  • Used protocol

The database is fully searchable via the Epicentre Billing System ACP web interface. Storing of the data requires large and fast disks. A typical daily amount of data can take up to 100-500 MB with 200-300 online users.


  1. OS compatibility

Epicentre Billing System requires a Linux server. The system is fully tested on various Fedora 5+, Debian 4+, CentOS 5+, Ubuntu 7+ , etc…


  1. Third party integration

EBS runs on many Linux distributions and has a MySQL database. It can be easily integrated with many applications like Billing System, Management System, CRM etc…  Some ISPs have developed applications to allow their customers to refill and check their account using SMS and Voice.

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