MPLS – Business VPN

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) enables Enterprises and Service Providers to build next-generation intelligent networks that deliver a wide variety of advanced, value-added services over a single infrastructure. This economical solution can be integrated seamlessly over any existing infrastructure, such as IP, Frame Relay, ATM, or Ethernet. Subscribers with differing access links can be aggregated on an MPLS edge without changing their current environments, as MPLS is independent of access technologies.

Integration of MPLS application components, including Layer 3 VPNs, Layer 2 VPNs, Traffic Engineering, QoS, GMPLS, and IPV6 enable the development of highly efficient, scalable, and secure networks that guarantee Service Level Agreements.

flexible solution with global reach

Our Business VPN solution is a flexible and integrated solution for supporting IP telephony, video, cloud transformation, IPv6 migration and very high broadband. It is available in more than 180 countries, making it the largest MPLS-based VPN solution in the world. Wherever your company and operations are located – whether in regulated or emerging markets – . Business VPN enables your IP services and meets your corporate VPN requirements in terms of quality of service and budget.

fully managed and enhanced customer care
Business VPN includes the design, implementation and management of your VPN. We manage everything for you with enhanced customer care practices that extend to ITILĀ®-certified staff, 24/7 troubleshooting, proactive monitoring, reporting via our Web portal as well as project and service management.

fully secured VPN
With Business VPN, all your sites can access your company’s applications and resources. Security is guaranteed by our private network architecture, and by the use of MPLS technology, which isolates your communications traffic from the traffic of our other customers. Enhanced options to further secure your VPN include Network Protect and our Security Consultancy.


How it works

architecture overview
Our global MPLS network based on the our global partners network, monitored 24×7 in real time, is exclusively dedicated to enterprises. It is composed of customer edge (CE), provider edge (PE) and provider (P) routers. The CE-router, which is installed at the customer site, is linked to a PE-router. The architecture design guarantees strong isolation and traffic security for our customers.

business continuity solutions
Our backbone is made resilient with Fast Reroute activated in our core MPLS network. All IP network devices are connected over at least two diverse paths and are equipped with redundant power, processing units and sparing. In addition, we offer a complete range of continuity solutions to meet your required back-up and service level criteria. At site level, we provide four continuity solutions with SLAs adapted to your site profiles and needs: air back-up, NAS back-up all-inclusive, dual and always on.

access options
In each country, we select the access solution that meets the service quality and budget requirements of each of your sites (hub, remote, mobile).
Our access portfolio is constantly updated with the latest technologies and includes Ethernet, xDSL, leased lines, satellite, Internet (secured via IPSec), dial and mobile access.


Your benefits

focus on your core business
With Business VPN, you have a fully secured and managed network solution through a single and trusted provider. Our global presence in more than 170 countries means we can connect all your sites and run your business applications wherever you are located.

reduce your operating costs
Our integrated solution means data, voice and video can be run on the same IP based-MPLS network. By combining voice and data over the same network and eliminating multi-vendor relationships, you can lower operating costs. The built-in security features of your VPN do not require additional security systems or services investment.

increase your productivity
Business VPN offers strong service quality commitments to accelerate the performance of your critical applications. We allocate bandwidth according to your business priorities and application traffic policies. In addition, you can choose from a full range of continuity solutions with load-balancing/offloading capabilities, network application performance management and acceleration solution with Network Boost.

benefit from an outstanding customer experience
You benefit from the know-how of our technical experts who provides ITIL-compliant service delivery and service support. No matter where you are or when you need us, we deliver 24/7 troubleshooting, proactive monitoring, reporting via our online customer portal and project management.

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